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Why choose Glaze & Save Invistherm™ invisible glazing system?

Glaze and Save Invisitherm with soundproofing and reducing draughts in Perth, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Scotland.
Glaze & Save InvisiTherm™ :
  • the most efficient energy saving secondary glazing on the market, giving a U-Value as low as 1.7. 
  • technically sophisticated slimline polycarbonate 
  • our long life non-polarity magnet, can achieve a draught free and soundproofed environment efficient heat repelling system  
  • will reduce or even eradicate condensation, giving you back your views, and prolonging the life of your existing windows, reducing the need for cleaning or painting. 

The image shows:

  • plain blue is single glazing which has a u-value of just 5.5 and is thermally inefficient.
  • blue/green plain glass secondary glazing has virtually no thermal properties or draught proofing.
  • red/yellow demonstrates how the temperature of the window surface can be brought to the same as the surrounding areas, making our systems the most thermally efficient in the UK today.
Glaze & Save InvisiTherm™ has been designed to be installed over any glaze, single or double, stain glass or crittall, arched, curved or very large windows. 

We give our customers the ability to solve all their window problems regardless of type or size of glaze. 

We can install full length windows, or split systems which enables your windows to be opened.  We can install around working shutters and blinds.  We can even match the colour of existing wood.

There is no need for planning permission to install Glaze & Save InvisiTherm™ - our installs are completely reversible. This allows you to keep your period features but enjoy the benefits of double glazing, and for a fraction of the cost.  The U-value value, which is as low as 1.7, ensures that fixtures and fittings within your property to not deteriorate through fading from sunlight.

As Glaze and Save InvisTherm™ is a warm product, we reduce or eradicate condensation, giving you back your views, and prolonging the life of your existing windows, reducing the need for cleaning or painting. 

Why should you keep your original windows and how to care for them?   National Environment Scotland have created an informative report.

If you are a domestic customer and looking to take out a loan for the cost of your secondary glazing and possibly other energy saving technologies then consider an interest free HEEPS loan. You need to have had a Green Deal Advice Report completed to apply.

If you are an SME and needing a loan for your secondary glazing, then consider this low interest option - Resource Efficient Scotland.   

Our customers can often pay for their loan through the savings they make from installing Glaze and Save InvisTherm™.

Reduce energy bills and consumption | Beat condensation and draughts | Reduce noise
I used Glaze & Save to enhance the thermal and sound insulation of my home.
I have already noticed a reduction of the heating level required.” 
Mr Downie, Crieff, Scotland
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