Eradicate draughts with InvisiSeal

What is InvisiSeal™?
Protecting your home against draughts while saving energy has never been more important. InvisiSeal™ is a draught excluder for windows and doors that helps retain the heat while repelling the cold, all while being virtually invisible.

You can expect your windows to function exactly as they did before, only this time with all the benefits of double glazing: without the hefty price tag. InvisiSeal™ is perfect for the treatment of listed and historical buildings, as well as domestic and commercial properties.

How much warmer will my property be?
You’ll notice an immediate improvement in the time it takes to warm your property, as the improved heat retention makes heating up a room much quicker. Not only that, but you’ll feel a marked reduction in draughts, allowing you to enough your property to the fullest, without being wary of cold spots. The weatherproofing properties of InvisiSeal™ mean that treated windows will surpass the conditions of British Standard BS 6375: Part 1: 1993 Air Permeability Test

Will InvisiSeal™ save me money?
InvisiSeal™ has been proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 27%. This means that InvisiSeal™ has a typical payback time of just 36 months.

Does it have any other benefits?
For city properties with single glazing, InvisiSeal™ offers noise reduction of up to 10db; giving you extra peace and quiet. Not only that, but InvisiSeal™ is simple and hassle-free to maintain: ordinarily requiring no maintenance throughout the duration of its five year guarantee. Simply fit it, and forget it. 

How durable is InvisiSeal™?
InvisiSeal™ is so durable and hardwearing that it should remain effective for over twenty years. The long-term efficacy of the homogenous silicone at the heart of InvisiSeal™ has been verified by Ofgem to last over fifteen years. InvisiSeal™ is also resistant to most dilute acids, alkalis and chemical solutions. It is also fire safe: when cured InvisiSeal™ does not support combustion. 

Can InvisiSeal™ be used in extreme temperatures?
InvisiSeal™ can be used across a range of temperatures from -20° to +50°C. However, in order to ensure the maximum effectiveness of InvisiSeal™, we do not recommend application on damp or frosty surfaces. Areas of superficial dampness caused by low temperatures can be warmed prior to application before priming and applying InvisiSeal™ as normal. 

What colours is InvisiSeal™ available in? 
InvisiSeal™ is available in a range of colours to match your windows and doors: translucent, white, brown and black.

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Faster warm up times and improved heat retention
Up to 27% energy savings as per the BRE
Reduction in draught driven complaints
Improved comfort levels
Noise reduction of up to 10db in city areas with single glazing
Reduction in cleaning thereby reducing the cleaning cycle
Maintenance free for its life
Greater durability than that of other systems
10 year unconditional guarantee that covers labour and materials
Major reduction in fuel bills and boilers and controls will work far more efficiently.
Fit and Forget 

I used Glaze & Save to enhance the thermal and sound insulation of my home.
I have already noticed a reduction of the heating level required.” 
Mr Downie, Crieff, Scotland
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