Does Our Innovative Secondary Glazing Really Work?

We have installed our bespoke slimline magnetic secondary glazing into homes throughout Scotland.

Commercially we have installed our energy saving secondary glazing throughout the UK.  Our clients include Historic Environmental Scotland, National Trust of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Dundee City Council and The Royal Scottish Geographical Society
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Glaze and Save in listed properties, near noisy street

Two customers talk about their Glaze & Save InvisiTherm™ experiences with installations of our bespoke magnetic secondary glazing into their listed properties.  

Based in the busy City of Edinburgh, the soundproofing has reduced noise so that traffic outside can no longer be heard.  They have seen a huge reduction in their energy bills and reduced draughts.

Glaze and Save - demo of easy removal by adult in the event of a fire

A demonstration showing how quick and easy it is to remove Glaze & Save InvisiTherm™magnetic secondary glazing systems in the event of a fire.

Glaze and Save - demo of easy removal by child in the event of a fire

Child demonstrating how to remove the Glaze & Save InvisiTherm™ bespoke magnetic secondary glazing split system installation.

Video demonstrates how safe, quick and easy it is to remove in the event of a fire, as well as for cleaning and maintenance. 

Glaze & Save - Demonstration of easy removal of sash and case secondary glazing system 

Demonstrates how to remove the Glaze & Save InvisiTherm™ magnetic secondary glazing. 

The split system installation for the sash and case window, makes it easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance, as well as a safe and easy escape in the event of fire.

Glaze and Save - RBS Gateway Innovator Installation

Glaze & Save wins Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

We have already successfully installed our award winning innovative secondary glazing systems into a number of RBS branches, as part of a roll-out plan throughout the UK.  

RBS staff are already enjoying consistent temperatures in offices , whilst the organisation has benefitted from energy savings, thus reducing bills..

Glaze and Save - RBS Gateway Innovator Installation

Video produced by RBS Gateway for Glaze & Save's award winning innovative polycarbonate secondary glazing, outlining plans for growth.

Tanya Ewing, CEO outlines the energy saving benefits of installing bespoke Secondary Glazing onto sash and case windows as well as double glazing.  

Bell and Co Accountants outline benefits of additional warmth within their offices, as well as additional bonus of soundproofing, reducing the noise coming from one of the busiest streets in Perth, Scotland.
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