Turns your single glazing into double glazing without having to replace windows

  • Instant magnetic secondary glazing
  • Reduces noise pollution by a minimum of 48% 
  • Blocks ultraviolet light, reducing and even eliminating fading
  • Eradicates condensation
  • Bespoke slimline windows created and installed on-site
  • No re-decoration required: completely removable
  • Fire proof Class YB54 76 Part 
  • Instant draught proofing
  • Reduces heat loss by as much as 63% 
  • Approved for installation in listed buildings
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Easily removed for maintenance or to open windows
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Compelling payback time guaranteed
Glaze and Save InvisiTherm™ is award-winning bespoke magnetic secondary glazing. This innovative polycarbonate magnetic secondary glazing turns your single glaze windows into double glazing without replacement or redecoration; saving energy, reducing noise, and saving you money with a compelling payback time. Our invisible magnetic secondary glazing system has many benefits over traditional secondary and double glazing, including reduction in heat loss, reduction in noise pollution and no need for any permissions.

We are passionate about maintaining your original windows and appreciate the beauty and historical value of unique and older buildings; we are therefore approved to install in listed buildings and conservation areas without the need for any planning permissions. 

Based in Perth, we can install throughout the whole of Scotland, from Aberdeen to Dundee, Glasgow to Edinburgh and throughout the Borders.  We can also install commercially all over the UK.  

Please view our photo gallery to see the wide range of bespoke high performance installations of our magnetic secondary glazing we can provide to suit customer needs.
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